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The Health of Your Pet is Important to Us

General and Specialized Surgeries

At Hôpital Vétérinaire du Suroît, you can count on the medical team's expertise to perform all types of surgeries. Our mission being the welfare and quality of life for cats and dogs, operations are practiced in the safest possible manner, with state of the art equipment and the latest technology.

Spaying and Neutering (Sterilization and Castration)

In addition to controlling feline and canine overpopulation, these interventions have a beneficial effect on the behaviour of the cat and dog. By reducing aggression issues and wandering, sterilization and castration allow a more harmonious coexistence between animals, and peace of mind for their humans. The operation of a female cat also helps to prevent the risk of mammary cancer and other problems of the reproductive system.

To learn more on the various surgeries practised at Hôpital du Suroît, don't hesitate to call!



Don't hesitate to call!

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